Second courses

Mussel and clam soup

Mussels and Carpet Clams Soup

Find out how to bring the sea to your table and surprise your guests with this delicious mussels and clams soup. Ingredients for 6 servings 1 kg mussels 1 kg carpet clams 6 tablespoons Limmi lemon juice 400 g crushed tomatoes

lemon dorado

Surf and Turf: Gilt-head Bream with Lemon and Mushrooms

A dish that brings together the flavors of the sea and mountains, and seals their union with a very  delicate citronette, which is a lemon and oil emulsion that perfectly enhances side dishes and second courses with a true and proper


Perfect Marinade

Time for cookouts, cold beers and evenings with friends! Discover how to make delicious grilled meats and fish with the right marinade. Every BBQ chef knows full well that there are rules to be abided by to boost the flavor


Crunchy lemon cutlets

If you love meat, crunchy lemon cutlets are just the dish you are looking for. The meat is encased in a crunchy and delicious breading, made of minced aromatic herbs and pistachios, which give it a unique flavour that you


Salt-crust Baked Tiger Shrimp

Ingredients 600 gr. tiger shrimp 1 kg coarse sea salt 1 sprig parsley, minced sage Limmi lemon juice 1 sprig thyme Rosemary Preparation Mince all the herbs, place them in a bow and mix them with coarse sea salt. Wash


Melon, Shrimp, Avocado and Lime Skewers

Melon, shrimp, avocado and lime skewers are a delighfully tasty way to accompany an aperitif with finger food, easy to prepare and above all very appealing.             Give them a try and you’ll agree! Ingredients 300 gr. raw, unpeeled shrimp 2 bay leaves


Lemon and Herbs Chicken Skewers

A quick, tasty second course both adults and children will love: lemon chicken skewers! Ingredients 600 gr. deboned chicken thighs and drumsticks 4 -5  tablespoons Limmi lemon juice 1 part minced rosemary 1 part minced parsley 1 part minced sage