capitone al limone

Lemon capitone

It’s not Christmas without the capitone. Known for its elongated shape and tender flesh, we present a citrus version that will bring a festive touch to your table all year round. Ingredients 1 capitone 12 tablespoons Limmi lemon juice 1

alici marinate

Lemon marinated anchovies

Some people call them European sardines, some call them anchovies, and some – in Romagna – call them “sardone”, even though they aren’t related to sardines. They’re usually eaten stuffed, salted, in a paste or sauce form and are characteristic


Glazed squid skewers

Squids, when combined with lemon juice, become a tasty and light second course.
Their delicacy goes perfectly with the freshness of the lemon juice, creating a delicious contrast of flavours

polpette di merluzzo

Lemon cod meatballs

A light main course to get you back into shape in a most delicious way.
An easily digestible fish, recommended for all low-calorie diets.

Angler with saffron and lemon sauce

Angler with saffron and lemon sauce

Angler, commonly known as monkfish, is a very versatile fish for cooking: perfect for baking or as a condiment for pasta and rice dishes, with its firm flesh that usually remains compact during cooking. In this delicious variant, the angler

“Baccalà”(cod)  with potatoes

“Baccalà” with potatoes

“Baccalà” (cod) is a cherished fish that never fails to make a welcome appearance, especially on holidays. Cod can be grilled, stewed, fried, baked, and prepared in a thousand other ways.

tuna and mango sauce

Tuna with lemon, lime and mango sauce

Who ever said you can only have fruit after or in-between meals? We also enjoy it as part of a main course, like this exotic, tasty and highly fragrant entree. Amaze your guests with these irresistible tuna steaks, paired with

spiedini pesce e verdure

Grilled Fish and Vegetable Skewers

Who ever said you can only grill meat? Grilled fish and vegetables are just as tasty and succulent, and even more impressive when artfully plated, dressed with fragrant lemon juice. Ingredients (For approx. 6 skewers) 100 g salmon 6 shrimp