hamburger vegano

Vegetable burgers

Do you have leftover vegetables you want to reuse for something else? Here’s a recipe for you to creatively transform your lunch or dinner.

Chicory with lemon
Main Course

Chicory with lemon

Chicory is known for its slightly bitter flavour and cleansing properties that promote diuresis. Chicory is easy to prepare and this version is the best you’ll ever taste.

Artichokes  with lemon

Artichokes with lemon

Artichokes with lemon, with a pleasant minty aroma, can be served as a side dish or by itself, as a vegetarian second course

Pumpkin confiture
Dressing and sauces

Pumpkin Jam

Besides cream soups and carvings, with pumpkin you can make jam bound to delight both sweet and savoury food lovers.

Eggs-free lemon custard

Eggs-free lemon custard

So, you made the shortcrust for the crostata and ran out of eggs. How can you possibly make the custard? Easy! This eggs-free custard recipe is a true and proper explosion of sweetness, and ideal for vegan, gluten and lactose


Artichoke fritters

This easy to make recipe, from Grandma’s own collection, only takes 15 minutes to prepare, and is bound to delight both adults and children.

insalata di ceci

Summery Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas, the third most widely produced legume in the world, are also known as “the poor’s meat”. Their omega 3 content makes them an excellent ally to ensure cardiovascular health and reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Get your fill of iron