S.O.S. Cellulite

celluliteHow many remedies have we tried to get rid of skin blemishes that, especially in summer, leads to sacrifices and get us upset?

Let’s step back to old remedies, no amazing pills or miraculous solutions. Our ally will be “Mr. lemon”.
The yellow citrus fruit tones up our connective tissue, giving it new strength and flexibility.

With essential oils

Every day massage your buttocks, thighs and belly with jojoba oil and some drops of lemon essential oil.

With juice

All day, get used to drink (at home and at work) mineral water poor in sodium (read the bottles’ lebels!) blended with some drops of lemon juice.
To make diuresis easier is one of the major trick to rub out cellulite.

With “strength of character”

Start up a balanced hypocaloric diet which favours fruit and vegetable, drink lots of water (slightly but frequently) and try to go for a walk, almost 30-40 minutes a day.

Grandma’s tip…

Dear granddaughters, drink a cup of cellulite reduction infusion, before going to bed.

Do you have cellulite? Find it out with the Pinch Test

Grab your thigh between your thumb and forefinger and then let it slipped from the grasp
Now look at your Cellulite Pinch Test results.
Cellulite only appears when you actually pinch, then disappears… No problem, it’s the fist stage of connective tissue’s alteration.
You don’t even have to pinch to see cellulite while standing: we’re sorry but this is an advanced phase of cellulite.
You see cellulite all the time with no pinching necessary…and furthermore the pinch hurts you…Your cellulite is steady present.