The plant

Scientific classification Citrus limun, family of the Rutaceae, subfamily of the Aurantiodeae, group of the Citrae, subgroup of the Citrinae, order of the Sapindales, class of the dicotyledons, division angiosperms. This plant comes from South-East Asia; the Arabs introduced it in


Physiology of the lemon

The eatable pulp (endocarp) is contained in a peel (epicarp or exocarp) which is quite thick and not eatable in the strict sense (because it doesn’t have a good taste, except in the kumquat). The epicarp (peel) consists of an


Lemon Flowers

The lemon blossoms can be single or in pairs and the petals, when the buds are young, are whitish internally and violet externally. The lemon is a remontant species: in a mild climate it reproduces all the year round, even


The Calabrian cousin: the bergamot

The bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) belongs to the family of the Rutaceae and comes from Persia. The etymology recalls its middle Eastern origins: the Turkish epithet “berg-àrmundi” means “pear tree of the Lord” (it looks like the bergamot pear). Its peel is smooth and yellow


Citrus Tree Bonsai

From Japanese ‘bon’ > ‘tray’ and ‘sai’ > to grow, to bring up, a bonsai is not only a miniature of natural trees, but actually a philosophy of life. To grow a bonsai you need technique, creativity and lots of patience. Bonsai tradition has ancient origins: Plinio the

Yellow orchid

Say it with Flowers

Do you know what floriography and Hanakotoba are? Need a clue? The second is tied to Japanese tradition, but basically they mean the same thing…


Lemon grass

A member of the gramniae family botanically known as Cymbopogon Citratus or Cymbopogon Flexuosus, lemon grass is a self seeding perennial grass native to India and South Eastern Asia. The long, fragrant, smooth-edged leaves that characterize it resemble reeds, and grow to a


Are lemon trees supposed to lose their leaves?

Your lemon tree is bearing fruit yet losing its leaves? Don’t pick the lemons or resort to other drastic measures yet. Let’s find out what may be causing it… It’s perfectly normal for lemon trees to lose leaves as winter

Lemon Benefits

What’s scurvy?

What Serious ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) deficiency in our diet causes scurvy. Our body needs about 60-90mg per day of Vitamin C, and since our organism cannot synthesize it, we need a daily intake through eating fruits and vegetables. How