What’s in Season? November Special

November is the planting month for garlic, chicory, onions, fava beans, beans, lettuce, and peas, and the harvesting month for fennel, chard, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, arugula, and pumpkin.


Detox Smoothies

Knock out the first sniffles of the season with these 3 lemon-based detox smoothies

allergy and lemon
Lemon Benefits

Spring Allergies

It’s quite hard to fully enjoy good weather between one sneeze and the next, as our eyes get red and our throat.



The botanical name of Kumquat is Fortunella japonica or Fortunella margarita. This fruit is a miniature, egg-shaped, elongated orange of Asian origin. It has never been found in the wild, and is assumed to have been created in China, although


International cultivar

Eureka (U.S.A.) It is the most common variety in America and it exists also in Spain. This variety, appreciated for the fruit, juicy and with no pips, has a disadvantage: it doesn’t tolerate low temperatures well. Lisbon (U.S.A. Florida) This


National cultivars

There is a huge variety of Italian lemon cultivars: the Femminello comune, some of its clonal selections (Femminello comune apireno, Femminello incappucciato, Femminello siracusano, Femminello a Zagara bianca) and Interdonato (local cultivar). Femminello comune (or oval Femminello or ‘Ruvittaru’) That’s


The lime

Scientific classification The Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a citrus fruit of the family of the Rutaceae. It comes from Asia (Malaysia and India) and it is considered a natural hybrid of the Citrus medica (citron) with another species. Differently from the other citrus