Lemon Benefits

What’s scurvy?

What Serious ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) deficiency in our diet causes scurvy. Our body needs about 60-90mg per day of Vitamin C, and since our organism cannot synthesize it, we need a daily intake through eating fruits and vegetables. How

Vitamin C lemon juice
Lemon Benefits

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, one of the most important vitamins for human being, can be found in all green plants, especially citrus fruits. Symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency are weakness, loss of appetite, loss of immune functions (particularly in kids), cold and flu, painful

Lemon Benefits

Mosquitoes bites

Let’s picture summer: sun, sea, fun and… mosquitoes! Lemon, once more, can help us to get rid of that tiresome insects. Let’s find out how. Firstly, be sure that the place you’re in is mosquitoes-proof. In a diffuser pour 20 drops

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Lemon exerts an articulated and synergistic action on the digestive system. Discover its natural properties…


Respiratory system

Two or three drops of lemon juice, for four times a day. This is the remedy to treat bronchial and lung infections, flue, colds and coughs. To heal asthma attacks, pour two or three drops of lemon juice in a glass

lemon growing

The growing

Different techniques of propagation (or multiplication) of the citrus plants exist: the seeding: reproduction of a vegetable organism with a seed of the same genetic species as the mother-plant; the gemmary and corona grafting: normally various techniques of graft are used in order to


Climatic conditions

The lemon tree comes from a tropical and sub-tropical environment, that’s why it needs to grow in a warm but sufficiently wet climate, with mild winters and not so wide ranges of temperature. For the lemon tree the best temperature to


Phitopaties: the diseases of the lemon tree

Fungus The Phoma tracheiphila (Mal Secco disease) is a mycotic endemic disease that is very frequent and noxious for citrus fruit, especially for the lemon which, among all the citrus fruit, is the most susceptible to it and the most