Sicilian lemon granite

Sicilian lemon granita and a typical warm brioche Ingredients

  • 9 tablespoons of Limmi lemon juice
  • an egg white
  • 180 gr sugar


Pour in a kettle 9 spoons of LIMMI lemon juice. Add water as to have a 10 dl solution. Put the kettle on a very low flame until it boils, in the end add the sugar and leave to stand. When the liquid will be chilled, pour in a metal container and then put in the freezer.
Every 30 minutes, stir the mixture. After 4 hours the “granita” is ready to be tasted. Serve in large glasses and garnish with small mint leaves and a slice of fresh lemon.

Some history

During the Middle Ages, in Messina, there was the work of “u Nevarolu”, that is the man who was responsible for keeping the snow all through the year. They told that the nobles of Messina, when warm weather arrived, bought this snow and squeezed some lemon on it; that’s how lemon “granita” was invented.
Sicilians have it with a hemispheric brioche –a granita ca briosci– made with eggs and with a small ball on it ( as a cap or coppola).