Special Christmas Gifts in Yellow

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts? Here you are some ideas for very orginal lemon colour gifts, yellow as the sun naturally, yellow as our precious Limmi lemon juice.
A warm gift to heat this cold winter with a touch of colour? What about these yellow hats? A classic cap, an elegant cylinder, baby hat with pom-poms, there’s for every taste, a crochet hat shaped lemon too! What about some funny earmuffs?

And if you prefer a technological gift, but with a lower budget, these I Phone covers or tablet covers are right for you. But always yellow colour obviously!

Do you want a useful gift, to use every day? What about these coloured cookware which bring joy in the kitchen? Yellow, obviously! Or a useful strainer for tea to prepare warm teas and infusions that relax ourselves in these cold winter days.

If your budgets are lower we could choose wonderful low cost gifts.

If you want to wonder with a yellow dressed gift even if unusual here you are a lemon ideas series.

Merry Christmas from Limmi!