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Savoury panettone

Savoury Panettone

A classic savoury holiday dish, made by stuffing and stacking multiple layers to form the most traditional of “Christmas sculptures”.

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xmas globe with candies

Christmas globes filled with lemon candy

Have you ever thought about decorating your Christmas tree with yummy ornaments? Our idea looks similar to a light bulb, is lemon scented, and adorns your tree with magic. Curious? Here is what you’ll need: transparent Christmas balls that can

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christmas tree sugar paste

Embellish your Christmas

An idea to customize your table with style during the Christmas Eve dinner, the Christmas one and, yes, while we’re at it, even on New Year’s Eve! Placeholder in the shape of a Christmas tree A sapling beautiful to look

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Lemon glaze

Lemon Glaze

A lemony, lip-smacking alternative topping for traditional Christmas panettone or pandoro. This lemon glaze will make your Christmas, New Year’s, birthday celebrations and any dessert you make even more delicious J The recipe is easy and very quick to make.

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