Rustic Vegan Wreath

Rustic Vegan Wreath

For the dough 300 g whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon salt 60 ml Aulus extra-virgin olive oil 120 ml water On a flat surface, mix all ingredients adding water a little at a time. Knead the dough till smooth and elastic, then roll it out with a rolling pin. For the filling 200 g spinach […]

Christmas globes filled with lemon candy

xmas globe with candies

Have you ever thought about decorating your Christmas tree with yummy ornaments? Our idea looks similar to a light bulb, is lemon scented, and adorns your tree with magic. Curious? Here is what you’ll need: transparent Christmas balls that can be opened, or “fillable” (you can find them here, as well as in craft shops […]

Embellish your Christmas

Here is a stylish idea to personalize your table settings for dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and yes, we might as well add New Year’s too! Christmas tree-shaped place marker A Christmas tree that looks as good as it tastes. Here’s how to make a Christmas tree-shaped place marker with lemon scented sugar paste. […]

Lemon Glaze

A lemony, lip-smacking alternative topping for traditional Christmas panettone or pandoro. This lemon glaze will make your Christmas, New Year’s, birthday celebrations and any dessert you make even more delicious J The recipe is easy and very quick to make. All you need is: 150 g confectioner’s sugar 6 tablespoons LIMMI lemon juice Here’s how […]

Almond Torrone

This is the Italian Christmas treat par excellence. Its name derives from the Latin term torrere (toast, roast), and refers to the toasting of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts contained within it. Let’s learn how to make it together, using this simple recipe. Your family and friends will be amazed when you serve chunks of this […]

Gingerbreads Cookies

It’s not a real Christmas without the famous gingerbread cookies , maybe  to prepare together with children . Here’s the simple recipe , a few drops of lemon for icing and then let’s decorate! Ingredients 350 gr of flour OO 150 gr of sugar 150 gr of honey 150 gr of butter 1/ 2 teaspoon […]