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International cultivar

Eureka (U.S.A.) It is the most common variety in America and it exists also in Spain. This variety, appreciated for the fruit, juicy and with no pips, has a disadvantage: it doesn’t tolerate low temperatures well. Lisbon (U.S.A. Florida) This

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The plant

Scientific classification Citrus limun, family of the Rutaceae, subfamily of the Aurantiodeae, group of the Citrae, subgroup of the Citrinae, order of the Sapindales, class of the dicotyledons, division angiosperms. This plant comes from South-East Asia; the Arabs introduced it in

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Physiology of the lemon

The eatable pulp (endocarp) is contained in a peel (epicarp or exocarp) which is quite thick and not eatable in the strict sense (because it doesn’t have a good taste, except in the kumquat). The epicarp (peel) consists of an

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Citrus Tree Bonsai

From Japanese ‘bon’ > ‘tray’ and ‘sai’ > to grow, to bring up, a bonsai is not only a miniature of natural trees, but actually a philosophy of life. To grow a bonsai you need technique, creativity and lots of patience. Bonsai tradition has ancient origins: Plinio the

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Climatic conditions

The lemon tree comes from a tropical and sub-tropical environment, that’s why it needs to grow in a warm but sufficiently wet climate, with mild winters and not so wide ranges of temperature. For the lemon tree the best temperature to

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Potted Lemon Trees

In the last century villas and real estates used to have a lemonier or orangery, a particular greenhouse to recover citrus in wintertime (today is chiefly a storeroom). Citrus tree pots were handmade with the family coat of arms on and were,

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