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National cultivars

There is a huge variety of Italian lemon cultivars: the Femminello comune, some of its clonal selections (Femminello comune apireno, Femminello incappucciato, Femminello siracusano, Femminello a Zagara bianca) and Interdonato (local cultivar). Femminello comune (or oval Femminello or ‘Ruvittaru’) That’s

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As juicy as… a lemon The lemon is ovoidal and oblong-shaped, with an umbo at the top, the peel is light yellow, the pulp is yellowish and very sour and is divided in eight/ten segments. There are also varieties of

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Lemon Flowers

The lemon blossoms can be single or in pairs and the petals, when the buds are young, are whitish internally and violet externally. The lemon is a remontant species: in a mild climate it reproduces all the year round, even

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Lemon grass

A member of the gramniae family botanically known as Cymbopogon Citratus or Cymbopogon Flexuosus, lemon grass is a self seeding perennial grass native to India and South Eastern Asia. The long, fragrant, smooth-edged leaves that characterize it resemble reeds, and grow to a

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lemon growing

The growing

Different techniques of propagation (or multiplication) of the citrus plants exist: the seeding: reproduction of a vegetable organism with a seed of the same genetic species as the mother-plant; the gemmary and corona grafting: normally various techniques of graft are used in order to

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