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lemon and lime mocktail

Lemon & Lime Mocktail

The greatest summer fad of 2018 is called mocktail, because it mocks (to mock means to make fun of, to parody) all aspects of traditional cocktails, without even a drop of alcohol. Hence it may lack spirit, in terms of

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Sore throat

Natural Remedies: Banish Sore Throat with Lemon and Honey

  Honey and lemon contain potent antibacterial agents, which efficiently combat coughs and phlegm while pampering the central nervous system. Both,in fact, are anti-depressant and concentration boosting agents. Honey is also a natural anxiety reliever and helps induce sleep. Mix 1

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Honey and beauty

Honey and Lemon Mask

Would you like to brighten and deeply nourish your skin? Try this easy to make grandma’s remedy: arm yourself with patience, and mix 3 tablespoons of honey with 3 tablespoons of Limmi lemon juice. Massage this fragrant emulsion into your skin,

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Il viso di una donna con un asciugamano tra i capelli

Honey and Lemon Hair Mask

For soft and shiny locks, we recommend using this honey and lemon-based hair beauty treatment. It deeply nourishes your hair and scalp, making your hair look brighter and shinier even on the gloomiest winter days.

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A girl with a lemon and avocado skin-toning mask applied to her face

Lemon and avocado skin-toning mask

This lemon and avocado skin-toning facial mask is quick and easy to prepare at home. It helps your skin stay supple and combat the aging effects of free radicals. It immediately hydrates and softens your skin. Ingredients 20 drops of Limmi lemon juice 1/4

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Egyptian Sugar Wax

Are you sure to know all methods to remove unattractive body hair? Have you ever heard of Halawa? Basically it’s a natural depilatory wax made with sugar and lemon juice used in Arab Countries with a very old tradition. What we need 2

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Honey and lemon

Honey and Lemon: The Winter Duo

You should always have a mix of natural trace elements, vitamins, anti-bacterial agents on hand during the coldest months of winter. Honey and Lemon have been paired for millennia Honey, like lemon, has multiple fields of application, like the pharmaceutical,

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