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indian rice with lemon

Indian Rice with Lemon

A vegan, spicy and fragrant traditional Indian recipe, which includes urad dal (found in ethnic food shops), tender and creamy black Indian beans, characterized by a very unique, strong flavor. Remember to pick up what you need for this dish

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Kulich- easter cake

Kulič – Russian Easter Bread

Kulič (also known as Kulich), is a sweet bread traditionally prepared by Orthodox Christians to celebrate Easter in Russia, as well as in Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine.  This sweet bread, quite similar to the Italian Christmas Panettone,

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babka with lemon

Poland: Lemon Babka

We’re about to make Babka cytrynowa, a scruptuous Polish cake, whose name “babka” (grandma) recalls the wide skirts once worn by grandmas, and wholesome traditional treats

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