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Pumpkin confiture

Pumpkin Jam

Besides cream soups and carvings, with pumpkin you can make jam bound to delight both sweet and savoury food lovers.

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Lemon jam

Preparation time: 20 minutes + 75 minutes cooking Ingredients for 1 kg 12 very fresh and ripe lemons 300 gr. of sugar Preparation Marmellata di limoni Wash, dry and peel the lemons. Boil the rinds in plenty water for 15

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chestnut jam

Chestnut Jam

Ingredients 6 lbs 10 oz chestnuts 2 lemons 3 lbs 5 oz sugar 1 glass of Rum (approx 8 fl.oz) 1 vanilla stick Instructions Wash and peel the chestnuts, then boil them for around 1/2 hour in plenty of water.

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