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Citrus Tree Bonsai

From Japanese ‘bon’ > ‘tray’ and ‘sai’ > to grow, to bring up, a bonsai is not only a miniature of natural trees, but actually a philosophy of life. To grow a bonsai you need technique, creativity and lots of patience. Bonsai tradition has ancient origins: Plinio the

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Japan: Salmon sashimi with radishes

Ingredients (serves 2) 450 gr. salmon sashimi (subtle slices) Limmi lemon juice 3 radish in slightly wheels Daikon radish sprouts Extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Directions Slice the salmon with a very sharp knife (begin with the

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tovaglioli imbevuti di limone

Japanese Table Manners

A touch of class…for a special meal Let’s learn from the Japanese… if you have guests for lunch and your menu is based on fish, let them find on the laid table (at the top, on the left side of

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