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Lemon, Ginger and Mint Infusion

Lemon, Ginger and Mint Infusion in 3 Steps

A thrilling cold treat for hot summer days, and a great hot beverage to stimulate digestion and relieve bloating. Everyone knows that lemon plus ginger equals guaranteed well-being. We already introduced you to  “classic” versions like lemonade and tisane, indulgent slushy and yummy sorbet “ritzier”. Do you

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Lime Flavoured Water

Lime, Mango and Mint Flavoured Water

A refreshing, aromatic alternative to plain water. Thirst-quenching, delicious and extremely easy to prepare, lime juice  flavoured water perfectly tones your body, boosts your energy, and promotes digestion. To prepare it you’ll need: LIMMI lime juice – 8 to 10

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Thirst-quenching Lemon Drink

Especially in summer, this do-it-yourself thirst-quenching beverage is a tasty alternative to water. Just a few steps is all it takes to make a great beverage to enjoy under the beach umbrella or after sport activities. Ingredients 1 Litre orange

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Cold tea with lemon

Ingredients 3 spoons of black tea 2 tea-spoons of mint tea 1 litre of water 6 lemons (18 tablespoons of Limmi lemon juice 150 gr of sugar Preparation Mix the two different types of tea and sprinkle with water. Brew for

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