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Bye Bye Mosquitoes

Searching for fragrant, natural means to fend off pesky mosquitoes? Have you tried our scented candle? As alternatives, you could also experiment with these 2 +1 lemon scented repellents. Water and lemon juice Add 9 tablespoons of LIMMI lemon juice

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Mosquitoes bites

Let’s picture summer: sun, sea, fun and… mosquitoes! Lemon, once more, can help us to get rid of that tiresome insects. Let’s find out how. Firstly, be sure that the place you’re in is mosquitoes-proof. In a diffuser pour 20 drops

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Citronella candles

Buzzzz..Mosquitoes All Around

Let’s learn how to make anti-mosquitoes lemon-flavored candles. What we need Old candles 1 glass to use as mould 1 pot 1 little pot Yellow wax pastels Lemon essential oil – 10ml per 1 litre wax 1 wick (you can

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