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Raspberry and lemon juice delight

Raspberries and Lemon Juice Delight

A delicious, healthy mid-afternoon snack, a light and scrumptious treat, a delicate dessert to serve to your guests in a nick of time. This raspberries, yogurt and lemon juice-based dessert can truly be the ace.

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Pink Lemonade

This is how to make the famous “pink lemonade” for positive thinking! Ingredients 2 litres water 200 ml Limmi Sweet 6 tablespoons raspberries or red fruit Preparation Pour all ingredients in the shaker. Add ice cubes, shake for a few

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red fruits and apple smoothie

Apple and Red Fruits Smoothie

Ingredients 1 apple 100 gr blueberries 100 gr of raspberries 80 gr strawberries 1 yogurt 1 small banana 1 orange 2 tablespoons of Limmi Sweet & Sour 1 teaspoon of cinnamon Preparation Wash all the fruits, put it in a

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