Rice Tuna and Lemon Croquettes

tuna and rice croquettes

Rice tuna and lemon croquettes are delightfully irresistible appetizers! They are great hot or cold and perfect to take on a picnic.

Seafood Risotto With Lemon

Can you think of anything more summery and flavorful than seafood risotto with lemon? Follow our recipe and enjoy it with a nice glass of chilled bubbly. It’s guaranteed to give your palate an “ocean view”. Ingredients (for 6 servings) 450 g Vialone Nano rice 350 g seafood (prawns, small cuttlefish, mussels, clams, baby octopus) […]

Rice and Cauliflower Croquettes and Strawberry Salad with Lemon

How to make rice and cauliflower croquettes and strawberry salad with lemon Rice and cauliflower croquettes are a healthy vegan dish particularly suitable for dietary regimens. Discover how to prepare and enjoy them with a colourful lemon flavoured strawberry salad! Difficulty: easy Cost: low Category: second courses Cuisine: Italian Portions: 4 Cooking method: boiling, baking […]

Aromatic Risotto

Ingredients Serves 4 400 gr rice 1 shallot 4 tablespoons of Limmi lemon juice 1 parsley tuft Basil to taste 4 nuts dry white wine clear broth extra virgin olive oil salt & pepper to taste Preparation Saut√© over medium heat the chopped shallot in 2 tablespoons of oil. Pour the rice and stir for […]