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biscotti con fichi

Settembrini cookies with fig filling

The 1980s cookie with the mouthwatering shortbread and settembrini filling. These fig cookies will turbocharge your breakfast and add a super-healthy vintage twist to snacktime for young and old alike. Ingredients [For the shortbread] 150g 00 flour 60g sugar 60g

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apple and figs pie

Apples and Figs Pie

La genuinità della marmellata di fichi, preparata secondo la ricetta della nonna, si unisce al sapore inconfondibile della mela e al profumo inebriante del succo di limone Limmi in questa crostata di mele e fichi da leccarsi i baffi!

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Livornesi Figs in oil

You won’t figure out that figs in oil are actually a sweet fig jam in a lemon-based syrup. The syrup look could give you the idea of something in oil but, truly, the taste is very sweet! This is a recipe

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