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bavarian lemon cream

Bavarian Lemon Cream

Looking for a delightful and utterly delicious way to end a romantic evening on a sweet note? Don’t know which dessert to serve to celebrate an anniversary, your beloved’s birthday or St. Valentine’s Day? First, make sure you have all

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Love cocktail

Aphrodisiac Cocktail

The ultimate aphrodisiac cocktail is lemon-scented. You’ve got to try it to believe it! Show-off your bartending skills on St. Valentine’s Day, or on occasion of a romantic cadle-lit dinner, by serving your beloved this truly memorable drink.

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massage oil

Citrus and Rose Massage Oil

A fragrant pampering agent you can use daily or perhaps as a couple on special occasions like your anniversary or St. Valentine’s Day. This citrus and rose massage oil combines the soothing, balancing, harmonizing power of rose essence with the

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hot lemon bath

Hot Lemon Bath

Lemon? Tones, regenerates, rejuvenates! Did the first few days back to work after vacation leave you unmotivated and in dire need of a “tune-up”? You need some pampering! Try a soothing, citrus scented hot bath, by yourself or with your beloved,

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Heart-shaped apple pie

The perfect dessert for a romantic evening… quick and simply delicious! Ingredients 6 tablespoon of  type 00 flour 1 kg of reinette apples (a.k.a. rennet) 3 tablespoons of Limmi lemon juice 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 100 gr. butter 2 eggs ½

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