Hibiscus Tea: Karkadè

Hibiscus tea (red sorrel)

Karkadè, the intense Hibiscus flower-based tea of Egyptian origin is good in any season, usually served hot in winter and well chilled in summer. The main ingredient of karkadè is rich in flavonoids and ascorbic acid (which gives the infusion a sour aftertaste ) and is also known as rose of Jamaica. It acts as […]

Lemon Iced Tea in 3 steps

Iced tea in glasses

Do you want to prepare a thirst quenching lemon tea in only 3 steps? Use Limmi Sweet & Sour! ❶ Pour 1 liter of water to boil, at the boiling point switch off and put in 2 tea bags for 3 minutes. ❷ Let it cool completely then add 200 ml of Limmi Sweet & […]

Natural Cold Remedies: Echinacea and Lemon Juice


Echinacea tea helps prevent colds and speeds up the healing process in the unfortunate case that flu already managed to take hold. You can find this herbal tea in herbalist’s shops or supermarkets, sold in pre-measured and ready to use tea bags. Once the water is hot, we recommend letting the tea bag steep in […]

Ginger and Lemon Tea

Oriental wisdom at its best. The same ginger used for cooking, preparing liquors and thirst quenching beverages has extraordinary antiseptic, antiemetic, carminative and digestive properties.  Ginger tea, flavoured with a few drops of lemon, is a great remedy for colds. You will surely enjoy preparing this simple yet effective decongestant tea: 2/3 tsp grated ginger […]