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girl with lemons

Sun Spots

The passage of time and the sun also leave their mark on our skin. Yes, we’re indeed talking about those annoying and unsightly brown spots you’ve been thinking about and longing to get rid of…

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lemon juice and parsley toner

Lemon Juice and Parsley Toner

Remove skin blemishes with lemon juice Sun exposure, as well as aging, can lead to unsightly skin blemishes. Prevention by using a sun screening agent appropriate for our skin type is certainly the best option, but if melanin accumulation has

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Girl applying a skin brightening toner on her face

Skin Brightening Lemon Toner

The action of this lemon and orange flower-based skin brightener revitalizes tones and promotes regeneration of facial skin cells. It is ideal for summer, as it eliminates redness, refreshes and brightens your skin. Ingredients 1 teaspoons Limmi lemon juice 2 teaspoons (20gr.) orange

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