Water and lemon: why does the water have to be hot?

Water and lemon are key to your daily routine.  They deeply cleanse your body and help you start the day with a smile. Have you ever wondered why it’s best to have lemon juice with hot water rather than cold water, straight from the fridge?

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Hot water is a panacea for physical and mental relaxation.

It boosts metabolism, bolsters proper hydration, removes toxins, induces relaxation, and is ideal to relieve congestion.

Take a deep breath

The steam from a cup of hot water, when inhaled, relieves congestion and the resulting headache, soothe Combats anxiety and facilitates deep sleep

A research study published in 2019  states that drinking hot water promotes central nervous system growth and has an uplifting effect on mood by reducing anxiety.

Drinking hot water mixed with lemon juice and taking a hot bath before going to bed has a profoundly relaxing effect, and facilitates deep sleep.

Remember: all herbal teas and infusions are best consumed hot and, if at all possible, should not be re-heated.
If you don’t have time to make them on the spot, store extra servings in a glass container or a thermos.