yellow flowers trekking

Hiking and Trekking

Some call it hiking, others trekking, and some still use the term “walking”. It all boils down to: walking. You may do it in the city, in a park, in the mountains, along a lake or seashore, wearing boots or

Young woman rides electric bicycle

The benefits of cycling

Pedalling is healthy for you, and a pedal assist e-bike makes it even more enjoyable, especially if you’re out of shape and bound to ride uphill. The warm weather season surely helps. Everyone longs to be outdoors, especially now, after

girl with lemons

Sun Spots

The passage of time and the sun also leave their mark on our skin. Yes, we’re indeed talking about those annoying and unsightly brown spots you’ve been thinking about and longing to get rid of…

A glass full of ACE juice surrounded by fruit

Carrot and Lemon

Carrots contain vitamin A, flavonoids, and anti-inflammatory agents, protect the retinas, enhance vision, and are rich in fibre. How about a delicious carrots and lemon-based afternoon snack? Try our recipe for Camille muffins paired with refreshing ACE juice. We chose organic

massage oil

Citrus and Rose Massage Oil

A fragrant pampering agent you can use daily or perhaps as a couple on special occasions like your anniversary or St. Valentine’s Day. This citrus and rose massage oil combines the soothing, balancing, harmonizing power of rose essence with the


Detox Smoothies

Knock out the first sniffles of the season with these 3 lemon-based detox smoothies

pretty for New Year's Eve

For New Year’s Eve, Let your Beauty Shine

Brighten up the last day of the year and start the new year with a bang. Here are a few beauty tips for an New Year’s eve look that is as dazzling as fireworks. Get ready to toast the New