S.O.S. Cellulite

How many remedies have we tried to get rid of skin blemishes that, especially in summer, leads to sacrifices and get us upset? Let’s step back to old remedies, no amazing pills or miraculous solutions. Our ally will be “Mr.


Hands and Nails

Our hands are one of our best card. Let’s learn some tips to take care of them naturally, with lemon. To have soft and smooth hands massage your hands with a lotion made with olive oil and lemon juice. Get rid of ephelides, apply lemon juice

swollen legs and feet

Legs and Feet

Legs If you suffer from varicose veins, swelled capillary vessels or you have heavy, achy, swollen legs, we suggest you some natural remedies that exploit astringent properties of lemon essential oil. 1. In a small cup mix 1 spoon of

New Age

Lemon hidden numbers

Have you ever dreamt about lemon? Do you want to take your chances? Below some numerological interpretation of the yellow fruit. 2 Sour lemon 9 Lemon rind 48 Lemon essence 9 Lemon slice 6 Lemon flower 27 Lemon ice cream

hot lemon bath

Hot Lemon Bath

Lemon? Tones, regenerates, rejuvenates! Did the first few days back to work after vacation leave you unmotivated and in dire need of a “tune-up”? You need some pampering! Try a soothing, citrus scented hot bath, by yourself or with your beloved,



Osteoporosis: what’s it? Osteoporosis is the structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility which affects almost adult women, after 60 years. Bones become fragiles and more likely to break. Menopause increases the risk, because there’s an estrogens deficiency:



A strange blending, but very effective: coffee and lemon. Pour the lemon juice in a sugar-free cup of coffee and drink! Perfect to eliminate headache and a very good remedy if you suffer from poor digestion or tympanites. We know, it doesn’t look

lemon circles


Lemon exerts an articulated and synergistic action on the digestive system. Discover its natural properties…


Respiratory system

Two or three drops of lemon juice, for four times a day. This is the remedy to treat bronchial and lung infections, flue, colds and coughs. To heal asthma attacks, pour two or three drops of lemon juice in a glass