lemon circles


Lemon exerts an articulated and synergistic action on the digestive system. Discover its natural properties…


Respiratory system

Two or three drops of lemon juice, for four times a day. This is the remedy to treat bronchial and lung infections, flue, colds and coughs. To heal asthma attacks, pour two or three drops of lemon juice in a glass


Egyptian Sugar Wax

Are you sure to know all methods to remove unattractive body hair? Have you ever heard of Halawa? Basically it’s a natural depilatory wax made with sugar and lemon juice used in Arab Countries with a very old tradition. What we need 2


Dental Prevention

For a bright smile Brush your teeth once a week with lemon juice: whereas it kills bacterium, its acids tone up gums and provide dental plaque removal. Do not misuse this remedy because citric acid could damage tooth enamel.


Women’s day: pamper your femininity

Face mask Clean your face thoroughly, preferably with a natural steam treatment, then make a mask by mixing 3 tablespoons honey with 1 tablespoon Limmi lemon juice, and massage it into the skin. Leave the mask on for approx. 15


Henna Tattoo

Did you know that lemon juice is used as a base to prepare Henna? Embrace summer and enhance your golden tan with exotic, sexy, natural, temporary tattoos. Supplies 25 gr. Henna powder 1 tablespoon fructose (or sugar) Limmi lemon juice

Lemon & Grape Mask

September Remise en form

Have you come back from holidays and your hair feel the sea, wind, sun effect? Did you eat and drink too much in your summer dinners and your skin needs an instant remedy to highlight your suntan without an annoying

signs of aging

Fight off signs of aging

The strong astringent power and its vitamins…this is lemon’s usefulness , that helps us also to prevent and fight off signs of aging. Squeeze 2 lemons in a glass of warm water and blend well. Take a cotton-flock, dip it into