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Dull Hair

If your hair is dry, lifeless and dull, we suggest you to use 3 tablespoon of Limmi lemon juice in half a litre of water, then add 2 spoons of olive oil.

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Lemon Essence

For Stimulates and invigorates attention and intellectual faculties Improves happiness Avoids stress Helps salivation and recovers your appetite… makes anyone’s mouth water! Bights up, greases off, purifies Very useful if you suffer from acne, glossy skin, ephelis or wrinkles Anti-


April sweet dreams

Spring is finally here. Fine weather will carry us trough a much awaited summer, but not without a  tiny bit of inconvenience; many of us will generally feel tired and sleepy. The Italian adage “April sweet dreams” is a scientifically proven truth. There

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Chromotherapy: yellow lemon!

Yellow foods make you happy! Do you know that eating yellow coloured foods, from yellow to orange, influence your mood?

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Commonly associated with alternative medicine, aromatherapy is a therapeutic use of essential oils in order to release negative energy contributing to diseases, pain and stress, balancing body and soul. This practice has old origins: Egyptians, for example, made use of lavender, carnation and eucalyptus

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Navel Chakra

Let’s begin a new year burning off negative energies… The third chakra, also known as Manipura Chakra, Navel Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the base of the sternum, under the rib cage, between the navel and the

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Chromotherapy and interior design

Returning from vacation is always bit traumatic: dead the grey landscape of the city, scarcely lit offices and sterile environments? Do you miss the warm sunlight, crystal clear blue sea, or the luscious green mountain landscape on that postcard? No problem! Just bring a bit