What’s in Season? November Special

November &…Vegetables

Not ploughing in November means trouble all year-long.

Between the lines, the old farmers’ proverb states that we can’t expect a good spring and summer harvest if we don’t start working on it in autumn.

November is the planting month for garlic, chicory, onions, fava beans, beans, lettuce, and peas, and the harvesting month for fennel, chard, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, arugula, and pumpkin.

And, talking about pumpkin, are you sure that you already know everything about this iconic Halloween cultivar?

With regard to cauliflower, here is a super light lunch or dinner menu

And besides those, there’s fennel, the depurative vegetable you can enjoy with thyme and lemon or as a salad with oranges.