Honey and Lemon: The Winter Duo

You should always have a mix of natural trace elements, vitamins, anti-bacterial agents on hand during the coldest months of winter.

Honey and Lemon have been paired for millennia

Honey, like lemon, has multiple fields of application, like the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetology, and culinary field, just to name a few. Have you ever experienced the benefits of their synergic action?

Holistic medicine

Ayurveda teaches that to face each day with energy and serenity, we should use this extremely simple remedy for at least 3 months.

Sore Throat?

Just dissolve lemon flavored hard candy in hot tea, and add new drops of mixed flower honey to it.

You should also try these others powerful lemon and honey-based remedies for a sore throat.


Osteoporosis? Use wildflowers honey to sweeten this healthy, rather unusual beverage.


In Egypt, honey is mixed with lemon to create a slightly analgesic, natural depilatory wax. There are many propolis-based preparations on the market today.  “Nectar of the Gods” nourishing creams, soaps and hydrating bubble baths populate the shelves of herbalist shops worldwide.

Ever tried a lemon juice and honey face mask to gently pamper, tone and brighten your skin?

Teenage acne? No problem! The infallible beauty duo has the perfect remedy for you too!


Besides being widely used in sweet-and-sour meat marinades and sauces, honey and lemon are essential ingredients for a wide variety of desserts: cookies, fruit tarts, brioches, cakes…

There are several types of honey on the market…ever tried lemon honey? Citrus honey is often used to treat gastric ulcers and spasms, as well as to facilitate digestion. Would you like to try making it? Here’s a quick and easy recipe.