The bottle of Limmi Premium lemon juice together with lemon fruits and a jet of fresh water 1 kg lemons Learn the secret to having them on hand, always of Un tavolo con una ciotola contenente del limone tagliato a fette, una tazza di tisana con una fetta di limone e del miele New Lemon and Ginger Discover all the benefits of the ultimate wellness duo Taken from fresh fruits discover the benefits of lemon Limmi - Succo di limone di Sicilia New Sweet & Sour Discover the sweeter side of lemons The Full Fragrance of Freshly
Limmi - Succo di limone di Sicilia
A Full Dose of Vitamin C Do you know how much you need? Limmi - Succo di limone di Sicilia


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Lemon and Lime

Lemon juice and Lime juice

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Let's Make a Cake!

torta pere mandorle

Pears, Almonds and Lemon Cake

October is the month of pears, the luscious fruit filled with fructose, potassium, and low in sodium. The combination of pear, healthy almonds and the bright scent of lemon is simply divine.

ricotta cheese and lemon cake

Lemon Ricotta Cheese Cake

Do you need ideas for a tasty breakfast dish, creamy snack or a tantalizing after dinner treat? Just a few and easy steps are all it takes to make an utterly delicious lemon flavoured cheesecake.

Tarte au citron

France: Tarte au citron

Ready to make the famous French tarte au citron? If you wish to try the tarte au citron meringuée version, make the meringue topping a few minutes before serving the tart. 

Natural Prevention

laurel tisane
Herbal Tea

Tisane for immune system health

Laurel is a symbol of glory and wisdom sacred to Apollo, and a common aromatic plant you might have used many times in the kitchen. It is known for its proven digestive, stimulative and antiseptic properties, and as a cure-all for our respiratory system.

water and lemon
Herbal Tea

Water and lemon: why does the water have to be hot?

Water and lemon are key to your daily health routine. They deeply cleanse your body and help you start the day with a smile. Have you ever wondered why it’s best to have lemon juice with hot water rather than cold water?