The bottle of Limmi Premium lemon juice together with lemon fruits and a jet of fresh water 1 kg lemons Learn the secret to having them on hand, always of Un tavolo con una ciotola contenente del limone tagliato a fette, una tazza di tisana con una fetta di limone e del miele New Lemon and Ginger Discover all the benefits of the ultimate wellness duo The Full Fragrance of Freshly
Limmi - Succo di limone di Sicilia


lemon scented

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Lemon and Lime

Lemon juice and Lime juice

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In the kitchen, for your wellbeing, and for everyday home remedies.
Discover Limmi’s range, the best lemon juice and lime juice, always at hand.

Timeless Classics

lemon cake

Lemon cake

Lemon cake is a classic dessert that can be enjoyed at any time of the day: have it for breakfast, to start the day with a quick and tasty treat, as a delightful mid-afternoon snack,

Lemon glaze

Lemon Glaze

A lemony, lip-smacking alternative topping for traditional Christmas panettone or pandoro. This lemon glaze will make your Christmas, New Year’s, birthday celebrations and any dessert you make even more delicious J The recipe is easy

Lemon scaloppine

Lemon scaloppine

Last-minute dinner guests? Family supper ideas? This super quick lemon-scented second course is sure to impress! The Italian term scaloppina derives from the French noun escalope, and refers to   thinly sliced veal, chicken or turkey,

Reuse Food Scraps

Apple Peels Tisane
Herbal Tea

Apple Peels Tisane

Did you just finish making a delicious apple pie? Make sure to keep the peels!
Here is a sustainable, natural and 0% waste tisane recipe for you to try.

French toast

Lemon Pain Perdu (French Toast)

  Do you have bread left over? Here’s a creative, delicious and sustainable way to use it. In French pain perdu – or pane perduto in Italian – means “lost bread” meaning bread that is

Hummus with vegetables
Dressing and sauces

Hummus with vegetables

Wondering what to do with the boiled carrots and zucchini left from making vegetable broth? Wishing you could turn your leftover vegetables into a new, colourful dish? Then keep reading, as we came up with